Camp New Hope is a 501C-3 (non-profit tax deductable) organization. Camp New Hope offers families of
children with life threatening medical conditions a week at the camp in the beautiful mountains of NC
on the New River.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet Tyler

Meet Tyler age 11  and who has Cystic Fibrosis a condition that effects the lungs.  Children with Cystic Fibrosis have to be very careful because even a cold can be life threatening for them.  Tyler is here this week with Mom Angela, Cameron 11, Blair 6, Megan 10, Taylor 12 Devon 3, Erica 19 and Angela.  We had 2 others who were here with us but had to leave last night so we certainly have a camp full.

Thank you to Ranger Paul who came yesterday and did a very informative program on Aquatic life in the New River.  These Rangers are just full of information about things we see at the camp.  Ranger Paul explained to us that it is not a bad thing to see insects and other small creatures in the water because that shows us the water is not polluted because these creatures will not live in water that is not clean.   The children were able to hold some of these strange looking creatures and they loved it!

Even though it has been windy and cool the children have caught lots of fish and we all have enjoyed watching  movies in Mackinleys Playhouse where it is warm and cozy!  Thank you to everyone who has help make this possible. The little guys are still begging me to go on a canoe or tube ride and I am still trying to find something else to do because as we speak it is 41 degrees here and the wind is 15-20mph so if feels like 34 and let me tell you the old grey mare ain't what she used to be. 

We have enjoyed bonfires which help keep everyone warm at night.  The nights have been cool but beautiful and the stars are so bright.  We are enjoying a big pot of homemade vegetable beef soup today for lunch to help warm our bodies!  More movies tonight and maybe even a ping pong match!

Come see us when you can!

Thanks for all you do and if you would like to sponsor a family this year just send your donations in to Camp New Hope,  P O Box 154 Glendale Springs, NC  28629 and make a notation that your donation is to make a week possible for a family.  We have 40 on the schedule as of now!

For the children,