Camp New Hope is a 501C-3 (non-profit tax deductable) organization. Camp New Hope offers families of
children with life threatening medical conditions a week at the camp in the beautiful mountains of NC
on the New River.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet Sajhia

Meet Sajhia age 7 our guest for this week.  Sajhia has cerebral palsy, Agenesis of the corpus collasum, global developmental delay, seizure disorder, microcephaly, gastrostomy, wheelchar dependent, sleep apnea, hypotonia, asthma and is blind.  Sajhia is totally dependent on others for her care.  Sajhia is here this week with her newly adopted family.  It is amazing to see the smiles on her parents and sisters face when they speak of Sajhia.  You can tell this was a match made in heaven.  She smiles when her sister Tracy whispers in her ear and her parents Gary and Patricia can hardly talk about her without having tears stream down their faces. You can just see the love they all have for each other. 
We are so blessed to have this family with us to celebrate Thanksgiving here at Camp New Hope!  Sajhia's parents just finalized their adoption 2 weeks ago.  They shared with me they are in their 60's and never thought they would be adopting at this age but they said they wanted to do something meaningful in the later part of their lives and they knew this is what God wanted them to do.  So they adopted this precious little girl and most likely saved her life.  She is getting to experience a love like she has never had and her health is improving daily.  She has gone 22 days without a seizure.  Isn't it amazing what love can do?  The world would be a better place if we had more Gary's and Patricia's in it.

Have a great Thanksgiving,  may we all count our blessings and give thanks to God for allowing us to be a part of this special ministry.  Thank you for your support.  Come visit us when you can.

For the children,